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What Is Love?

What is love? 
When all the games and dramas and stories are done… when one reaches a level of awareness and awakening where one sees in a truthful manner… all that can be left is love. You can love only when you do not possess…. when you are not envious or not greedy … when you can be honouring and respectful no matter what the situation… when you can have compassion that comes from a loving heart…. and not from the mind. When you have consideration for all those in your presence… you are touching true love.Love is not something we can do. It is not something that we can cultivate or practice. True love is a happening…. it is becoming a part of the river that is flowing.. full of a force and energy that overwhelms us. When it happens it happens. It is something that is so real and true and all encompassing that it literally takes over…. it moves us into a very high state of consciousness where there is only it. We drop the stories… and all the illusions.


When everything else stops… and we move into this state… then we will experience true love. We move from a unique and separate individual…. to one who is a part of the magnificent whole… where there is no separation … but rather a knowing and feeling and understanding that this whole is life… we move from loving in the mind to experiencing love in the heart.
Loving as a concept is often the source of many of our actions or motivations. Can love that is driven from the mind be the source of truthful living? We are often driven by the needs, the insecurities, the ramifications of the mental process…. we like to think that this is life lived authentically… but is it? A decision based out of the illusions of the mind can only lead to more doing… more distraction… helping to spin the ongoing story of seperation that we believe is our life. It is awareness that reveals the motives… the agendas ….. the paradoxes… and all we need to do is that… be aware…. and soon all of these ploys of the ego begin to naturally fall away… they do not hold their strength or power over us. So begins the process of not wanting or needing to change your mind… but allowing it to be without any resistance or effort to change. We can look at it and see that we have a freedom with the mind. It is still there, but has none of it’s power that it once held.

And it is very difficult to experience that because the thinker is habitually there, evaluating, judging, condemning, comparing, identifying. Can we slow down our experience enough to be able to witness our habitual processes? To evaluate the patterns …. to realize that some of our decisions are coming from a mindset that was established long ago… and to realize that we have succumb to this way for most of our life?


This is the process of awakening.Decisions that are heart based are not really decisions as we believe them to be. A great spiritual teacher once said, “this is life happening automatically”. This is when we naturally flow with life… where we cease to resist what is happening …… when we open to the truthfulness and fullness of being.

Love is where there is neither one nor many…. where there is only love.

It is here that we can experience unconditional peace, bliss and happiness.

And as we are all learning…. love is not something we can get or do…. love is the benediction of the Divine…