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Why My Dad Says I’m Unemployable..

Why My Dad Says I’m Unemployable..

I’ve always rebelled against systems and done things my way; but, that didn’t always go over well in school, at a job or with my parents rules and beliefs. I didn’t like anything that bounded me and always felt like I had a better way of doing things.
Teachers, family, my peers and society attempted to put me into a uniformed box by telling me what I can and can not do, say and think – going against everything I believed in – Including my personal freedom.
It seemed that in most schools and businesses, there was a lack of team or leadership skills and it was painful and discouraging when my ideas and feedback was disregarded without any discussion or consideration. I felt let down and disappointed by societies suppression of individuality and the outdated systems that create conformity.

Even though I went from high school drop out, who was lost and confused; there was a driving thirst inside that wanted more out of life than the social systems imposed on me.
Through courage and determination I found my way!
I became a personal trainer, began running events, and owned an integrative medical centre.
The key to my success in these areas, and continues to be, is that they were expressions of my life’s purpose and my passion to support others in creating the best life possible. To support others in also living their purpose, from the heart, with a sense of freedom and in a state of gratitude and happiness.

At 26, after losing 80lbs and then becoming a personal trainer, I felt a calling and longing for a deeper understanding of myself and life. I set out in search to learn more. I attended a Tony Robbins event called Date With Destiny that rattled me to the bone. It turned my world upside down and it totally changed my life.

It was at that event that I realized I didn’t have to keep pushing against my conditioning, but instead, I could step into my greatest potential! I didn’t have to have a job just to pay bills and keep a roof over my head. I could actually do something I love, that I’m passionate about, that would make a difference in this world and have a positive impact on others. I could get paid to do all of that!
So can YOU!

At that event I called my boss, at the time, and told him I quit.
The taste of sweet freedom to be my own person and do things on my terms has been the best decision I have ever made!
I’ve never looked back and my life has never been the same.

I must say, however, being your own boss is not luxurious: it takes commitment to yourself, your purpose, and to something greater than any one person. It means learning and growing everyday. Through your passion you will find better and more efficient ways of doing the things you don’t always want to do. It means long hours and laser like focus to create your vision. It means falling, a lot, and getting back up. It means a lot of no’s until you get a yes. It means trusting yourself and listening to your inner guidance, even when the outside world is saying something else. It means YOU are solely responsible for your wins and your losses. You fail, you learn, you move on, or, you allow it to consume you and lose sight of what you’re here for.
The great thing is, that it is all YOUR choice.

Then, eventually, you learn about something called balance, which is the only thing that keeps you sane. It’s your saving grace. It’s where you refuel to keep going.

After all the hard work, commitments, sweat and tears, you start to see the light. You get glimpses into the impact your life’s work is having on the world and those around you. That impact is what continually stokes your inner flame.
When you become successful, in whatever form that takes on for you, you have a genuine sense of living your truth, a deeper peace and knowing that you’re aligned with your purpose. You know that what you’re sharing and contributing with the world is much bigger than just you alone..
It becomes an expression of your heart, of what you feel you came here to do.
It becomes a space of soulful gratitude that is unexplainable with words.

Since I was a kid I’ve always beat to my own drum. My dad told me that from a young age I knew what I wanted and always went for it. There’s something inside of me that has an innate knowing of what is true. I listened to that truth and no matter what anyone else had to say, I followed it.
I believe you have that too.

I’m inviting you to fully step into your Greatness and Purpose..

To do more than just survive each day, to change your routine, to do something different, do what inspires you! Get uncomfortable. Do something you’re terrified of but have always wanted to do. Live this life to the fullest! Everything out on the table. No regrets, no holding back. Live your life the way you know it can be.

I leave you with one of my favourite quotes to live by..

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”

~ Hunter S. Thompson