From Winter To Spring

I feel there are so many different chapters and seasons that we experience in our lives. Sometimes we are in winter and things feel stagnant or maybe we don’t feel as much gratitude or excitement for our future. Then, without warning or understanding, we come into spring and slam full-on into summer. We can’t wait to get out into the world and play. We’re inspired, filled with joy, a sense of wonder, ease and our hearts are filled with love and appreciation.

I’ve gone through many seasons and in the past months felt very much in winter. Nothing was wrong, nothing bad was happening. In fact, the opposite. Lots of great things and amazing people in my life. I just didn’t feel the deep feelings of love, gratitude or excitement that I have felt in the past, where I longed to be once again.

That all shifted a few days ago. I’m not sure I can even put my finger on what it was that created the shift. Maybe it was seeing an old family friend that has been a Spiritual teacher for me my whole life. I believe he has had a deep impact on my life, contributed to who I’ve become and living my deepest truth.

Maybe it’s that I feel my life moving more and more toward my purpose in ways I could never have imagined. Maybe it’s that I will spend my birthday swimming with dolphins, connected deeply with the sacred plant teacher ayahuasca and diving deep into my unconsious mind and spirit.

Or, maybe it’s something in the stars and how the planets are aligned…

No matter what it is or what I want to believe created the shift, I’m grateful to be moving from winter into spring and summer.

I feel gratitude so deeply again that it moves me to tears. That my heart is exploding with love that is askig to be shared. That I am once again inspired by the magnificence of this journey and every little detail of it.

What a most humbling journey! I am being shown and taught things that intuitibely knew as my deeper truth but had not be able to see with my human eyes and mind.

If you feel like you’re in winter, please know that it WILL shift. That shift is inevitable and soon you will enjoy the radiance of summer.

The more we accept and surrender to exactly where we are, the easier it will be for that shift to take place.

Maybe that means being in nature, taking care of and nurturing our child within, reading books and watching videos that speak to our souls going out into the world with curiousity and wonderment, like when we were kids, or, maybe it’s just taking a little time to do yoga or meditate.

Whatever that us for you, make time for it.

As always, our truth and happiness are in our ability and willingness to surrender into what is in the here and now.

With Deepest Gratitude I Humbly Surrender..


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