Follow Your Truth

Follow Your Truth

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We all go through times of self doubt and we all need reminding of who we really are so we can stay on our heart centred path. – Especially those who are on a deep spiritual journey.  It can feel lonely at times.  I assure you, you are not alone. Friends and families might think you’re crazy, judge your lifestyle or how you live your life.  Don’t you dare listen to them.. you know your truth.  Stay true to that.

There’s a calling inside of us, deep in our hearts.  There’s an innate knowing that we’re here to love deeply and to share that love no matter the circumstances. The daily dramas and tasks are so minute compared to what we’re here for and what is out there that our shortsighted minds can’t wrap around.  I know you can feel it.

I want you to know that you’re here for a great purpose. I’m here to remind you in times of challenges and uncertainty that you are loved.  You ARE love.  And you are here to share that with others.  You are here to help heal and change this planet. You are here to help shift the consciousness of our world.  You are here to have fun, play, love, laugh, share and do a whole bunch of crazy stuff.

In times of question or self-doubt, always remember your strength, your purpose, your wisdom and your heart.  You are a magnificent being and you are loved deeply by Source.  Source will always be with you and bring you signs of how to help humanity and the world.  There will be many signs, listen, you can trust them.

Don’t ever let the outside world affect your capacity to love and share that love.
Do whatever you have to on this journey to stay connected with your Source and continue to allow it to guide you.  Don’t you dare ever give up on or question your truth, never.  You are here for great things.

We don’t know what our journey will bring us but we should know we are only here to enjoy the ride. It is useless to judge because only the universe knows what is really happening. When you follow your heart and your instincts – only good can come from that.

Good is that which feels good and comes only from your heart.

Be Blessed,



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