The only battle left in this world to fight is within. Surrender.


Some self work undone? Join the rest of the 7 billion people here but own it! 
‘Consciously Awake Lovers’ 
A recent incident in my community, my own love life and a friends recent post has inspired a very strong expression I have to take the time to share.

It is essential to have friends and lovers that we can rely on, those that see us and compliment us. We all want partners and relations who will take the time to really be present with us, honor our brilliance, beauty, personalities, and capabilities without tearing us down or not showing up. Those who are hard on themselves or beat themselves up will eventually be hard on you and not available unless it is convenient for them, like if they are horny.
I claim non-violence with my self. Patience, discipline and a look in the mirror when something pushes my buttons or when i mess up.
If you want to be GREAT at something just do it, keep at it, and be patient with your process. If you suck or have a lot of growth ahead of you, just own it and move forward. 

It blows me away how asleep some of our friends still are. That we can deny our own imbalance or go as far as to disrespect, gossip or cut someone that we care about down to turn the table so we don’t have to own the fact that we are in dire need of emotional growth?
Self sabotage by means of our habits and addictions is weak. The only thing it does is make you feel horrible, so if someone is doing this to you or to themselves—BAIL. Don’t wait around for that person to figure themselves out. If you choose to be friends with those who have emotional issues, let them do their thing, but don’t have delusions about ‘their’ growth and what that could mean for you.
We need to practice SOLUTIONS and get to where we want to be and stop wasting time. You don’t have a lot of time on this planet. If you really love someone you have to tell them how you feel and maybe they will begin to wake up.

Our desire to AWAKEN and the tools we have been given can be powerful leverage to confront our demons and do the work to become a more Consciously Awake human being.
Choosing Conscious Awareness can be messy, emotional and may seam like work because it is. The shit we have carried around forever is heavy but as soon as you own it you can drop it with some good spiritual practice.
Real Self Examination requires COURAGE and DISCIPLINE.
You don’t know what courage looks like until you are sinking in piles of your own shit and you have to figure a way out before it suffocates you.
Let’s be real and honest – Consciously Awake Humans don’t just exist—we have evolved through enormous effort and courage to confront the waters of our own emotional landscape and social conditioning. We don’t feel entitled or self righteous, we are confident, humble and love ourselves. Don’t mistake self-love and self-care for selfish. Awake leaders of love are not selfish, we are giving and compassionate, we help others and teach others how to help others but we have boundaries, and we trust our intuition.

‘Consciously Awake Lovers’ are not your average men or women. We will not allow fear to prohibit us from looking into the fires of our own souls and ‘own’ our emotional triggers, past wounds, flaws, mistakes, or pain. We aren’t afraid of going deep and looking into the eyes of our relations. We have consciously chosen to grow and evolve our beings and take pride in our personal development.
We care about our health, attitude, environment, and connections. 

The key is this! – We are reasonable. We can admit when we are wrong. We are always willing to talk things out once the dust has settled, unless we have decided you’re not worth our time or energy.
Consciously Awake Individuals are not flawless, stuff comes up, and we slip up from time to time, but what sets us apart is deep down we are psychologically healthy and sane, even if we like to get crazy at a good party, enjoy a few cocktails or the occasional puff. Awake doesn’t mean boring, it doesn’t mean goodie goodie, it means that we deal with our issues and our problems or challenges are opportunities for growth and evolution.
Step up lovers! Claim your shit! No one else is to blaim for your suffering, not your parents or your partners.

The only battle left in this world to fight is within. Surrender. Love and nourish your self. And all good things and good people will come to you.

Written by Robin Clements
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin
To All my Relations*


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